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These cute little angels have been popular in Japan for years. You’ll be surprised to discover the many guises this little good luck charm comes in. The dark packaging keeps its contents very secret so you never know which Sonny Angel you’re going to get! That makes the Sonny Angel a real collector’s item.

Sonny Angel, he may bring you happiness.

Leuke Kaartjes exist for every occasion and form of greeting: birthdays, births, weddings, moving in together, saying thank you…

Surprise your friends and family with this highly original collection of nearly 100 different greetings cards from Leuke Kaartjes, designed and made in Belgium!

(cards only available in Dutch)

The retro inspired items of Norwegian designer Ingrid Erøy Fagervik in the Blafre assortment vary from many models of storage tins, stainless steel drinking bottles and thermoses, but also bedding, bibs, paper goods and articles for decorating the nursery.

Fun and innovative gifts and home decoration items. Designed in Japan.


Lisa Lowe founded Sugarbooger® by Ore’ Originals® with a love for design, and a passion for creating functional products that provide meaningful solutions to the challenges of parenting. Her California roots help to inspire the Sugarbooger® aesthetic: colorful, sweet, and uncluttered, with a modern yet classic feel.


Mum 2 Mum is a New Zealand based company who design and manufacture a large range of practical and innovative infant textile products including bamboo bibs, swaddles and the award winning Wonder Bib™ Range. Wonder Bibs are made from 100% cotton super-absorbent towelling with a nylon water resistant backing to keep babies dry. Wonder Bibs protect against dribble rash and eczema and are an essential purchase for infants with reflux.

The FolkyDolls lamp collection is based on loveable characters from all over the world. Each one brings both light and atmosphere into a child’s room or the living room. You can use them either as a night light or as a decorative lamp. Thanks to LED technology, FolkyDolls are long-lasting and very energy-efficient.


Welcome to the enchanting world of Rubens Barn®!

Rubens Barn®, a Swedish company established in 1996 by Teruko Wahlström, designs and manufactures handmade soft dolls for all ages. Every girl and boy can find a unique best friend in a Rubens Barn® doll. The dolls’ family consists of nearly 100 different members, each with their own individual personality. And since they are all handmade, each one is unique. Moreover, you can choose from a wide selection of extra outfits and accessories to create a personal look. The high quality dolls are durable and washable, so you can love them and play with for many years. But what really makes Rubens Barn® so unique, is the welcoming happy feeling you get when holding one of the dolls in your arms!

Rubens Barn®, Handmade Happiness®

Happy, Lover, Fun, Cool, Playful, Grumpy… there’s a SmileyWorld® Lamp for every mood. These LED lamps give a funny touch to any stylish interior, but are particularly cool in a teenager’s room. These lamps are officially licensed products by The SmileyWorld® Company.


Everyone is familiar with miffy, the cute white bunny.

Dick Bruna introduced this character in 1955, in simple picture books which have gone on to sell millions of copies all over the world.

Manchild distributes a selection of high-quality miffy toys for babies and toddlers (0 to 4 years) in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Beach toys for hours of sand and water fun!

Summer’s here and it’s high time for hours of fun on the beach and in the garden. Quut beach toys are designed with a fresh, innovative take on outdoor play. The Scoppi, Triplet and Ballo offer limitless new possibilities for serious action with sand and water, whether you want to sieve, rake, scoop or fetch water.

Quut beach toys are made to reflect the way kids use toys and play on the beach. All too often, the designers have seen toys breaking after just one holiday and being left behind to litter the beach, so they have deliberately opted for durable materials. What’s more, Quut toys are recyclable and are free from BPA/phthalates and latex.

First of its kind, Nibbling is dedicated to creating a stylish yet functional range of teething jewellery and accessories including pram mobiles, pacifier clips, teething toys, neclaces and bracelets. Made of BPA-free food safe silicone it’s a safe and soothing remedy for teething babies. Launching the natural range of baby gifting and teething jewellery, Nibbling is the most stylish teething accessory.

Got something to hide on your trousers or coat? Then the super handy Chicken Rhythm kneepads and iron on pads are just what you need! You can of course simply use the patches as an extra eye-catcher on your clothes. You can iron them on in the blink of an eye and the clothes remain machine washable. The only difficulty is making a choice out of more than 100 models!

This Dutch brand, established by artist Jim Boer in 1993, offers a beautiful collection of bags, backpacks, cases, children’s clothing and accessories. The typical De Kunstboer style can be described as... humorous, eccentric, hilarious, nostalgic and kitsch.

Linea MammaBaby is a new brand created by Olcelli Farmaceutici, a new line of cleaning and cosmetics products designed for children and perfect for adults too. Linea MammaBaby is a project of love born from the belief to offer a high quality product in harmony with the environment and the family.

Top quality goes hand in hand with a simple but appealing design, conceived to be easily and directly recognizable by children.

Olcelli has always been synonymous of quality, even more today, as the company keeps growing lead by Maria Elena Olcelli and her husband Alberto.

Fun and eye-catching yet functional: Sportpax backpacks in the shape of a football. The backpack has plenty of room to stash all the essential stuff for school and sports gear. The backpack comes with handy pockets and dividers inside and is easy to wipe clean. Sportpax backpacks make a unique gift for birthdays and the perfect functional present for sports mad kids!


Hiphip is a basic collection for babies aged 0 to 24 months. The bodysuits, pyjamas, rompers, T-shirts, trousers, shorts, hats, etc. are available in 14 bright colours and two qualities: jersey cotton and velvet.

The hiphip collection is extremely popular because of its excellent price/quality ratio. Moreover, the delivery options are very flexible. So there’s no reason not to include this collection in the basic assortment!

Fun design from Sweden

The idea behind this brand is that babies and young children need fun and playful clothing. What makes these colourful T-shirts, dresses, rompers, pyjamas and bodysuits so special is that they have a cute velvet animal application whose tail, legs or ears hang loose so the child can play with it.

Lipfish chooses design that makes young children, but also parents, happy. The bright colours and the simple and fun design immediately make you feel cheerful.

The Lipfish collections are available for babies and children up to the age of five. Seasonal items include shorts, skirts, trousers and hats.